Global Game Jam 2014 – Homeless

Global Game Jam is a yearly international event where amateur, professional and semi-pro game designers get together in teams to make a game in 48 hours. No mean feat.

I entered for the third time this year and helped create a game called “Homeless” a game where you take the role of a homeless person. Our team ended up taking the “Technical Excellence” award for this title at the Sydney showcase. I’ve made the main track for the game available to download in the O.STS section of this site.

Muh Jammies

Muh Jammies

This is also my second “Jammie”. The Jammie on the left was given to me for my team’s game O2 which we submitted last year, bagging us the “Best Game” award.

Play Homeless here.
Play O2 here.

To see a full listing of the Global Game Jam 2014 Sydney entries, click here. There was some good stuff. REALLY good stuff on display this year.

In more musical news, I finally decided to get PSP StereoPack, because I felt that the stereo elements of my music were lacking. The interface looks like garbage, but the power under the hood is definitely there, and I’m really looking forward to giving the VSTs a proper workout with my upcoming tracks. Things have been pretty quiet but there will be a big swathe of new tracks up here soon.

Current Wishlist:

  • Roland Juno 106
  • Korg Monotribe
  • KRK VXT8’s


Current Favourite Tunes:

  • Kara – Step
  • f(x) – Electric Shock
  • Mikkas – Syndrome
  • Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink


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