Memoro EP Release Date


Memoro is a concept EP I’ll be releasing on December 15th.

It’s an eerie blend of classical and modern styles. A couple of these tracks were used for a very specific project, but the rest are completely original and all 5 hold a special place in my heart.

The attached video holds the track “Another Day”. If you like what you hear, please consider visiting the Bandcamp page and making a pre-order. Thank you in advance to everyone who supports my craft. I hope you enjoy my latest release.

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Storm Touch OST

Hey! A mobile game I made the music and SFX for has just been released.

Download here!

The game is called Storm Touch and was developed by QSI, a studio I’ve collaborated with numerous times.
It’s a fun logic / physics based puzzle game that can be enjoyed in a relaxing or intense manner. Pick your poison!
The game is available on PC and for free on Android (sorry iPhone users…)

The music is a little more chilled out than my usual stuff, but it’s probably one of my best game OSTs to date. See below for the tracks!

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