EOY Round-up & Into The West

Without going into too much detail, 2014 wasn’t the best year. Still, I had some awesome gigs at Neko Nation and a set at Reclaim the Streets.

My Neko Nation set from October is probably the best I’ve ever done and can be listened to here:

Also, with the Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies released in cinemas, I thought “Why not? For old time’s sake.” and reprised Annie Lennox’s Into The West from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Download here.┬áBig thanks to my mate Varg for helping me get that bassline perfect! Also, in case you’re wondering, the key is different to the original because I can’t hit that damn high note.

Anyways, here’s to an awesome 2015 for all of us!


Current Wishlist:

  • Roland Juno 106
  • Korg Monotribe
  • KRK VXT8’s


Current Favourite Tunes:

  • Pnau – No More Violence
  • Frank Klepacki – Power (Red Alert 2)
  • Perfume – Enter the Sphere
  • Melissa Hollick – I Believe
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